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Collagen is a fundamental compound and essential building block for all major system having an advanced formula designed to promote strong and healthy skin. Collagen peptide is a wide source of protein for our body to live healthily. The high nutritional and physical properties keep the health of bones, joints, hair, and skin healthy and powerful. Collagen also contribute in healthy and glowing skin and promotes the healthy cells.

Collagen consists of three polypeptide chains. Collagens are categorized by a typical amino acid triplet repeat, Gly–X–Y, that gives rise to a signature triple helical structure, where Gly represents glycine, and positions X and Y can be any residue but are commonly proline and hydroxyproline, respectively.

 As Collagen consist three helix of three strands (α-chains). Collagen is propertied accordingly to their α-chain composition and supramolecular structure. It is considered a major source of protein found in tissues. This protein is the most powerful and found in abundant quantity in animals. There are 16 types of collagen, but the main form of collagen in the body consist of type 1, 2 and 3.

The three types of collagen used to fulfill the different purpose within the body. 1 and 3 support healthy joints, skin, muscles, hair and nail. Type 2 collagen consists of cartilage protein. The second type of collagen should not be taken with 1 and 3.

Our body highly consists of 1 and 3 type of collagen. The protein includes in these type is glycine, proline, alanine, and hydroxyproline.

• Glycine –In our human body, glycine collagen is found in high amount in the skin tissue of joints and muscles. This protein helps our body to fight against diabetes, kidney, arthritis, and heart failure. Amino acids such as glycine are found in many collagen supplements.
• Proline – most flexible amino acid in the body that holds the bones together. Helps to function joints.
• Alanine – one of the primary amino acid, it helps our body to convert sugar into energy.
• Hydroxyproline – a non-essential amino acid, gives strength to collagen protein

Why One Need Collagen Supplement.

Collagen is insoluble fibrous small protein in the body, is part of the connective tissue for bones, muscles, blood cells, cartilage, arteries, and organs. At the certain level of age your body is about to lose the natural collagen, thus our body needs extra collagen peptide protein to stay fit and healthy. Outsource collagen supplements from beverages that contain collagen protein, sourced from animals or fish materials may add collagen protein in the body.

Nutritional Benefits of Collagen

Collagen in the body gives you long-term benefits and contribute to long chain protein. This collagen powder breaks into an amino acid and is absorbed as the building block that supports the entire collagen production in the body which heals the body disorders. The collagen powder is contaminated with the amino acid which improves the metabolism and detoxification.
Consuming collagen powder in empty stomach will give you much more benefits.

Collagen for Joints
Collagen is the main element in the body for connective tissue. These supplements have the very strong impact on joints and bones. Many studies have shown the effectiveness of collagen peptide in the reduction in arthritis. It gives huge relief from arthritis. It is the appropriate source of protein that benefits to all age adults and available in many forms i.e. powders, tablet, beverages and chewable.

Amazing Benefits of Collagen

Collagen highly contributes to skin and body with its amino acid properties. Collagen supplements help the body to improve from inside, it gives perfect impact on the skin when taken orally in the form of supplements and chewable.
Collagen Protein is natural and essential that our body needs to stay fit and healthy.

• Promotes Healthy bones and reduce the osteoarthritis of the knee. Many studies have shown that one who is supplementing with collagen find improved bone density. As a high amount of our bone mass is made up of collagen.
• Collagen for Weight Loss glycine amino acid in collagen helps to maintain a healthy and fit body. This amino acid plays a vital role in controlling the central nervous system. Collagen contains no additional fillers, hence the acid is not produced through any toxic processing. A hydrolyzed element in collagen shown the decrease result in fats. One can get benefits by supplementing collagen supplements to lose weight naturally.
• Improves the muscles growth the specific amount of amino acid in glycine and proline repairs muscle tissues helps to get recovered with sports injuries. In taking the collagen supplement gives you relief from muscle injuries and ligaments in athletes. It also helps to restore the muscle mass and the growth of the hormone. The individual likes to increase the performance of athletes, weight lifting, sports activities can use our CPH+ Fish collagen peptide after workouts.
• Promote healthy hair, skin and nails collagen is the anti-aging product improves the skin elasticity and regenerate the dead skin cells. Collagen protein consists of amino acid and is tend to reduce the signs of aging. Vital Collagen peptide can improve the skin elasticity promote younger skin, relaxes the skin puffiness and reduce the sign of wrinkles.
Adding collagen in your diet will give you the clear idea and answer you all question and solve your problem.



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