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Based on 25 years of extensive commitment and lasting passion for the specialty health industry, our company, Sharrets Nutritions was formed by our Founding Chairman and CEO Mr.Naveen Khandelwal on 9th June 2015.

Sharrets Nutritions was born from a sense of the strong need for health supplements across the country and around the world, with a dedication and commitment to proper healthcare. It is from that passion that we strive to deliver only the highest quality dietary foods and health supplements that are convenient and inexpensive. Our diversified product line can attest that we are a one-stop supplement solution for everything. Whether you need natural health supplements for your heart, blood circulation, weight loss, skin care, blood sugar, bones or joints, or organic supplements and even herbal juices, we have it for you.

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One of our guiding principles is our commitment to proper healthcare. We strive for excellence in terms of our products’ quality and we make sure that it stays that way. Our Chairman’s personal conviction is: “Only if it is good enough for my family, then it is good enough for my customers.” You can therefore be assured that the products that we offer are of the best quality and nothing less. To top it all off, we have ISO , Kosher & Halal certification. Not only that, but we are also registered by US-FDA (FDA Registration no.: 16963256056) , allowing us to provide health supplements to a diverse clientele.  

Sharrets Nutritions has stood out over the years and is a benchmark for good quality health supplements that are effective, diversified and offered at very affordable prices. We intend to keep it that way as long as we can, but we will not stop improving. We firmly believe that health supplements should become a part of everyone’s daily lives. It is our growing passion to provide, share our knowledge, and heal. We impart a way of life that is clean, healthy and harmonious.

After all, we breathe the same air, feel the same ground and walk the same paths; and we would like our customers to enjoy these as long as they can.

wellness nutrition